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  Want to start classified website for your community, You've just found the perfect solution at an price for Rs 9,999/- No other charges. Includes domain registration, web hosting, email service, fully featured classified site development. It's very simple, user friendly and easily manageable back end tool, no technical knowledge required to maintain. Any body with normal browsing and navigation skill will be able to run this classifieds portal.

What we provide
1. Domain name registration under your name with extension of .COM or .NET or .IN based on your choice.
2. Unlimited web hosting space, unlimited email account creation, unlimited database etc
3. Free classified script installation, setup & development
4. Features of free classifieds website information provide below
5. Free marketing material like list of free classifieds, & search engine submission
6. Google Adsense Integration with link and banner ads
7. Paypal payment gateway integration for premium ad posting service.

Price: Rs 7,499/-No other charges

Features of the Website
We are using Open Classifieds, which is the perfect software to start you own online business in 1 or 2 days. Thousands of sites trust Open Classifieds as their favorite PHP script for free online classifieds. With Open Classifieds you can have your listing site, contacts page, car/auto sales, job board, job listing or anything you want. We will placed a details features relate to classifieds, SEO & CMS

Classifed Features
1. Pay to post (Paypal)
2. Multi category
3. Pictures per item (with image resizer)
4. GreyBox for images
5. Views counter
6. Confirmation with or without email after posting
7. Contact form
8. Full administration interface
9. HTML Rich editor
10. Edit ad after posting
11. Item comments by Disqus
12. Youtube videos
13. Accounts management
14. Expiration days post
15. Adsense supported

CMS Features

1. Automated install by us
2. Easy to administer
3. Paypal integration
4. Captcha
5. Multilingual
6. Template ready
7. Mobile devices ready
8. Widget ready
9. Google Maps integration

SEO Features

1. SEO friendly
2. RSS feed
3. Google Analytics
4. Sitemap autogenerated
5. Robots.txt autogenerated
6. Google Analytics
7. Smart 404 page

How to Earn?

You will be able to start the free and premium classified with very low investment. There are many ways to start earning immediately through your website like
1. Earn through your own premium ads packages that you offer for advertising to your existing and new visitor
2. The best & easiest way to earn is to use advertising network place for integrating google adsense.
3. Start writing blog on your own topics & interest, So that you will increase traffic through search engine, More the visitors will increase the google adsense click rate
4. Once you get more traffic and popularity, You can also sell your website for hugh price or You can list your domain in buy & sell domain name website's across the internet.
5. For existing customers and reseller, We do provide Rs 2,000/- commission for selling our free classified website
6. You can also list other products and service along with the website through links connecting to other website and earn through that as well. Also use the existing ad poster sign up contact details and send them newsletter for selling your own product
7. Run affiliate marketing program, All the affiliate offering company are free to signup.



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